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my research work v2

My name is Maxim Tashkinov.

Now I'm a 6th year student.

At school I have passed test for examinations in physics, mathematics and Russian.

I was interested in electronics and programming, so I chose to study at the Department of computer engineering, electronics and control.

I have entered the South-Ural State University in 2006.

I learn at "Automation and Control" Department.

In 2010 I have protected the bachelor's degree.  The theme of my research work is designing the device for connecting with virtual objects models.  The device is called a «VOC» or the Virtual Object Coupler. My work consisted in wiring design, printed circuit board designing, and writing programms.

The device consists of a microcontroller and input/output digital and analog ports, and power supply unit. VOC is a software-hardware complex. Software part consists of driver and dinamic library for VisSim.

VOC can be used for training in control of industrial processes, such as boiler control, turbine control.  

Students will work with controller «Quantum» or «Simatic».

They will make programm for controller, but test will be run on the virtual object on computer.

Now I am engaged in improving  the program for the computer.

The following task - development of the exchange protocol by the data with the device

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